The fashion of the year 2020 is marked by comfortable clothes, and also quite neutral colors. That’s why the color trends this year 2021 have changed to more vivid shades.
This season’s catwalks are filled with bold colors. So much so that fuchsia has become one of the favorite shades for this season.
You may not know it, but Pantone sets the favorite colors every year, and this 2021 they set yellow as one of the top shades.
Below we will take a look at the color trends for this spring summer 2021 season. Which one is your favorite?

Tendencias de colores de esta temporada


This is one of the strongest colors arriving this year, especially from the hand of big fashion brands.
Fuchsia and neon pink are the protagonists. A color that stands out a lot, right? Would you wear this color this spring?


Another of the colors that predominate this season is baby blue, that soft and fresh-looking color. A pastel shade that flatters everyone.


Yellow, as we have already mentioned, is one of the favorite colors selected by Pantone for this year.


This is the most complex color on today’s list, as it is a color that does not particularly appeal to everyone. Even so, this spring fluor orange and tile will be the most popular orange shades on the streets.


The most pastel green of all will be strong this spring, especially to create total monochrome looks.


If you like pink but you find hot pink too much for your taste, there is always the option of pastel pink.


If mint green was not enough for you, then don’t worry because bright green is another of the colors that we can see repeated on the catwalks this season.
A shade with a lot of strength and that will allow you to create looks with a lot of power.

What are your favorites spring 2021 color trends to wear this season? There will be a wide variety of shades to choose from.